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stainless steel nose wire

stainless steel nose wire

3" long x 3/16" wide


Once form-fitted, these stainless steel inserts will hold their shape with very little need for readjustment. Stainless steel is easily sterilized and will not rust. They can be left on the mask during washing, however I recommend removing them before washing to prevent undue wear on the fabric. 


When shaping these, they are firmer than typical aluminum wires, so it is easiest to shape them before placing them inside the nosewire channel on the mask; don't worry, they'll hold their shape as you slide them into place. 


Shape them to fit high up on the bridge of the nose, around the same place where your sunglasses naturally rest.


Unfortunately, due to the nature of the items, I am unable to accept returns of masks and mask upgrades.

If there is a problem with your order, please reach out to me so we can find a solution.

$1.00 Regular Price
$0.50Sale Price
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