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alternative elastic options

alternative elastic options

All masks will come standard with two 11" pieces of 1/8" elastic that will ship untied for you to tie for your preferred fit. This is already included in your purchase; if that sounds good to you, no need to do anything more!


If you would prefer a more flexible fit without having to  repeatedly untie and retie your elastics, I can pre-tie your elastics with sliding adjustable knots that will allow you to adjust your fit on-the-fly. 



If you'd like to avoid ear loops entirely, you can substitute a single 36" long piece of 1/8" elastic that will come laced to be worn behind the head. This will ship untied so you can tie it to your own perfect size when it arrives. (note: this upgrade is a substitution for (not in addition to) the standard elastics.) 


Unfortunately, due to the nature of the items, I am unable to accept returns of masks and mask upgrades.

If there is a problem with your order, please reach out to me so we can find a solution.

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